is a new guaranteed Google indexing service.

Typical indexing time is just 30 minutes. Average indexing rate — above 70%.

Getting new URLs to Google index is challenging nowadays.

Since July 25th, 2018 Google removed their submit URL tool. That tool was used widely for indexing 3rd party URLs.

You can still use Google Search Console and sitemaps to index your own pages, but then it comes to index any 3rd party pages, you don't had any effective tool. That's why we launched

Our guarantee is simple:
if your link is not indexed in 24 hours, we refund you.
It is absolutely risk-free.

Who we are and why we launched AddNewURL?

We are an SEO and internet marketing company based in Finland. Due to a specific of our activity we need to index from 500 to 1000 URLs each month.

What about other indexing services (,,,, etc.)?

We have found that these services do not work as advertised. We discovered this firsthand when we used them for other projects. Because of the disappointing experience, we set out to build something better. It's just impossible to index thousands of URLs for the price of $20.

Who is AddNewURL for?

AddNewURL can be used by media companies, Link Building Services, SEO and internet marketing agencies, online reputation management agencies, and all others who publish new content regularly.

What about price?

$1 for order + $1 per each URL. Loyal customers get a discount.

How do we work?

We employ the blog networks and social media accounts, to post and ping your links.
We do not spam and your links are 100% safe with us. We also take care about your privacy and do our best to avoid tracking (matching) of your links as well as other customer content.
Our service will be available shortly.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
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